The Rondom 6 pack Mark-003

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Become the lover your partner desires with our version of a condom. Comes in packs of 6.

Product Information

  • Cleared for sale by the FDA for the prevention of STIs and unintended pregnancy. 

  • Rondoms have up to a 5-year expiration date. 
  • We have no legal responsibilities for if our product is somehow to break in any way.

Size or Dimensions

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  • Product Dimensions: Teardrop shape.
  • The size for the Standard Condom is: Average length 191mm, Nominal Width 53mm.
  • Imprint Area of logo: 35 mm diameter circle. 

Product Details

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Remember the butter or jam packets from your favorite local breakfast spot? Well that’s where our condom buttercups originate from! With our beautiful logo, its the safest condom you'll ever use!

Special Instructions

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No more hassle of trying to rip a wrapper, just simply peel back the cover and you are good to go. Try them today!