The Rondoms Special Aromatic Candle Set

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Want to impress your lover? Need the perfect mood setter? Maybe need something to help you chill just right? Our scented candle set of 12 will change your life my friends.

Product Information

  •  Our scented candles set includes 12 fragrances- Tangerine, spring, figs, strawberries, lavender, vanilla, gardenia, rosemary, rose, mint, jasmine and lemon.
  • Natural Soy Wax - The scented candles with 100% natural soy wax. 
  • The candle wick is made of lead-free cotton making it non-toxic and environment friendly. 
  • All of the fragrances come from pure plant essential oils 

Size or Dimensions

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  • 6.3"W x 9.06"H
  • 4 ounces

Product Details

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  • The 12 pack scented candles burn up to 360 hours!
  • Looks magical and is lightweight, easy to carry, great for staying at home or travel. Ideal for sex, reading, sleeping, bathing, doing yoga, etc. 

Special Instructions

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  • Every candle contains 2.5 oz soy wax and can be burning for 30 hours, and you can trim the wick to increase burning time.
  • The empty jar can store something of value after the soy wax used up, such as earrings, rings, headphones or necklaces.